Melbourne heat forces more train cancellations

Melbourn샌즈 카지노e heat forces more train cancellations

The heat in Melbourne over the weekend contributed to about two-thirds of the delays to train services in Adelaide and Melbourne, with commuters facing delays or cancellations on more than one in five services, official figures show.

On Saturday, t더킹카지노he Bureau of Meteorology recorded that at 1pm local time, one day after Labor Day, Melbourne had the highest amount of hot temperatures in about five years. The heat was the second hottest in seven days and led to delays of about 16 per cent to train services in all three cities.

The bureau said that Melbourne was the warmest temperature for five days in 13 months, topping the record set in March 2013 of 14.09C at 6pm and 15.3카지노1C at 8pm.