Floodwaters cut roads in maitland district

Floodwaters cut roads in maitland district

By Shaitane Shrestha

7 August, 2012

Floodwaters from Typhoon Haiyan have damaged several bridges in southern Nepal, with an estimated 10,000 casualties and widespread property damage.

The floods began Sunday morning near the village of Anurad, a tourist destination on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

The river and its tributaries flooded from the North Chakra-Ravana crossing at Anurad. It is the route to the western part of the mountain range that is part of the Himalayan plateau.

The river’s level is expected to rise to three feet by Monday, with more flooding expected by Wednesday. In many parts of Kathmandu, rivers are rising by two feet.

According to Nepal’s Disaster Risk and Management Authority (DRMA), the floodwaters have inundated 3,800 houses in Anurad. The agency is working on raising the flood insurance to cover the losses to homes with properties up to 1,500 square meters.

Nepal has declared three days of national mournnatyasastra.coming for victims of the storm: Tuesday’s first anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake, and the third day of the anniversary of the devastating 2008 Tsunami, which also hit the mountain.

Thousands of Nepalese joined the annual memorial in Kathmandu on Sunday. Hundr바카라eds had taken part in a memorial march, led by several prominent political and cultural figures in Nepal, led by former PM Prachanda and former Prime Minister Talbise Tungpo.

According to Nepalese security officials, the rivers in Kathmandu are expected to crest above three feet overnight into Tuesday.

In addition, the capital is expected to experience heavy flooding Wednesday and우리카지노 into Thursday, with an estimated 4.7 meters of mudslide that occurred yesterday.

A total of 21,300 homes across the mountain region have been declared flooded by the DRMA, while in many areas, houses are still inundated by water.

A number of communities in the river-ridden northern part of the mountain area in the eastern side of the region are also suffering flooding.

The DRMA reports that two towns near the river’s confluence with the Mekong have been submerged. However, the floods in these areas are expected to be limited to the downstream areas due to the reduced height of rivers and the recent drying of mud.

On August 6, three people were killed and more than 350 people were injured when a landslide destroye