Doomsday cult aum shinrikyo sarin gas tests at banjawarn wa seigaku nakkakita

Doomsday cult aum shinrikyo sarin gas tests at banjawarn wa seigaku nakkakita.

Yokohama City, September 28: Police have revealed details of a mass toxic gas production facility run by the Yokohama Chemical Indus우리카지노try and Research Co. (YCCIR), where the deadly substances of sarin and sulfuric acid were discovered, using the technique of aum shinrikyo, the Japanese word for genocide.

In a report on Thursday, the police said that four personnel belonging to YCCIR were being questioned in connection with the reported tests of chemical gases at a plant operated by an international chemical firm in the eastern city of Seibu. The Japanese newspaper Shukan Shinbun said that the test had been performed at the former Tetsubo industrial chemical plant in the city’s Shibuya district. According to the report, the four were identified as Yasuaki Noda, a senior employee at YCCIR, and his secretary Yutaka Suzuki, who is a senior manager at the Tokyo-based company. The police added that it was possible that two more staff were being investigated as suspects.

Yukita Sakamoto, a spokesman of the firm, told police that „the tests were performed in cooperation with the Ministry of Health“ and „the ministry has no comment on this story.“ Yuka Nagashima, YCCIR’s chief executive, also said that „the company is being called into question because of the incident reported in the media.“

According to the Shukan Shinbun, the four were the members of the company’s senior management. Nagashima told the paper: „We are at the forefront of these new types of chemical weapons, especially ones with the capacity to be very hazardous.“ He added that the company has decided to 바카라사이트send investigators to the area to check for the existence of the suspected gas plant after the investigation is done. „All we need is the evidence, and the company will take the appropriate action. We hope we can find out all about it,“ he said. He also said that all officials in charge of such tests are under investigation, and t우리카지노he police will investigate accordingly.

According to the National Police Agency, aum shinrikyo refers to the practice of „ethnic cleansing,“ which is the systematic eradication of a group or racial group from the territory of another group or ethnicity by means of a systematic mass killing, such as by physical extermination or deliberate killing, and by other methods such as psychological or educational intimidation. The practice has also been used agains