Pfa steps up fight for world cup pay equity for matildas

Pfa steps up fight for world cup pay equity for matildas

„It’s sad to see how much money they have lost and that money they have to pay to the government every year,“ Fadnavis said.

Fadnavis, who 창원 출장 안마has taken up the leadership of the PFA during a turbulent period for cricket, said he was ready to put in place a plan to ensure the rights of the sport are equal for all countries.

„The ICC has agreed to pay all the countries to host the cricket world cup, we have agreed to agree on a payment schedu강릉안마 강릉출장마사지le so that all nations can host the event,“ Fadnavis told PTI after the meeting.
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„If we want to make sure the world cup gets equal status then we should do something because there has been so much wrong by the ICC.

Burma un workers jailed

Burma un workers jailed

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — An armed Myanmar group attacked a security outpost in a region near the Chinese border Sunday, the U.N. human rights office said, further eroding pressure on Myanmar’s security forces and intensifying debate on whether the government should change its stance.

In a statement, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said that a group of „local farmers and traders“ targeted a security outpost in northern Rakhine State on Saturday, killing three security personnel and wounding five.

The militants were part of a group believed to have attacked a military post in the region last month, which has become a flashpoint between the 온라인 카지노two countries. China has accused Myanmar’s military of involvement and of hindering peace efforts since a military coup forced into exile leader Aung San Suu Kyi from power last year.

Suu Kyi says she is the victim 올인 119of a plot by the army and ethnic Rakhine militants, as well as human rights abuses by government forces. China says ethnic Rakhine militants are acting as armed groups and that Suu Kyi belongs to it.

Suu Kyi has rejected this, saying she has always ac공주출장샵 공주출장안마ted as a responsible member of the country’s government and parliament.

Teens arrested at wild party

Teens arrested at wild party. A little more to come.

Worst party ever: I was at this party last year but the worst thing ever I’ve seen was a party in a school when drunk students got together. People getting really drunk and the music was on. It was pretty gross. It was fun, but the worst thing ever was kids at a party in a school getting into fights and having a really, really, really bad time.




Worst party ever: One week ago, I went to a party to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation. All the kids were dancing and drunk. One person got into it with another and ended up in the hospital. That’s where my dad went to.

Best party ever: This is the one party I was not at last year. That one time, we were on the beach. They weren’t making out at the beach, but there was a party going on in that park and they were partying. One guy brought his girlfriend to that party. She said, „You don’t have to invite me.“ The next day, she’s at another party where she doesn’t know anyone and the party continues, and she leaves again and she hasn’t seen her boyfriend. The next day she’s there with her boyfriend, and one of them’s like, „Why are you leaving?“ They had gotten high at the party and were trying to clean up the mess. They ended up killing each other in the park. My sister and I were at that party and it was hilarious. You could tell he wasn’t drunk and there weren’t many people there, and it was really awkward and awkward as hell.

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Worst concert ever: I went to see The Band at the Fillmore Auditorium.


Worst concert ever: The same band was at this party last year and they had sold out their show. They had sold out, e카지노 사이트ven as we were leaving. The only concert I went to was at더킹카지노 this place called Kinkos in downtown Austin. A few weeks before our date, they had sold out. It was like the night before. When it came time for us to leave the place, two or three people just started walking out of the bar without paying. I was really upset. I went back to check it out. I had a beer out of my hand, and I look out at everyone and everyone had no idea who they were supposed to thank. That’s when I started crying

Mongrel bunch of bastards, in the interests of world peace, and in the interests of the entire human race, I would like to ask if there’s any way that I could work my way into the army, to actually be an infantry division commander

Mongrel bunch of bastards, in the interests of world peace, and in the interests of the entire human race, I would like to ask if there’s any way that I could work my way into the army, to actually be an infantry division commander. But you know, the only reason I’ve gotten a job is for being a badass. I think I could be good at it.

So I’m looking at being a ranger who’s also a medic. [laughter] I’m thinking, wow. I don’t want that to be me. I’m like, dude, you know what? I’d rather be 더킹카지노a badass, being like, „I have no problem with you being an infantry division commander.“

[laughs] How did the idea come about? Was there a specific moment you were like, „Okay, I want to do that.“

Well, I don’t know if you remember that I was in this movie called Grown Ups 2 and I was like, „Uh huh, a guy has a gun and I have to figure out how to defend him. And his mom is pregnant and everything!“

That movie was so muc바카라사이트h about how bad my mom was that I did a lot of improv acting there. I felt like I was in The Big Lebowski. And all you gotta do우리카지노 to defend yourself is turn out the lights. And that’s what made the first movie so amazing. That you’re in a situation and you can’t think, and then all of a sudden you have the situation where all of a sudden the lights come on and that guy comes at you.

And it was the kind of scene where a dude with the gun says, „You got to shoot.“ And I’m like, „Dude, you got to shoot!“ The shit that happens with these people is so weird. The most important thing I learned in the second movie was how shitty I am. And then I had this realization that I was actually sort of like a badass. So I was like, okay, fuck that. I’m not gonna let the bullshit get me down. I’m gonna do this.

So I decided to move on. I was like, oh, great, I’ve done this before. But I started reading more about it, watching more TV and it was like, dude, this is where I’m at in life. When I’m in a situation where I have to think and make decisions and I can’t even think. I’m just going to sit there with my head dow