Fairfax shares jump on overhaul announcement

Fairfax shares jump on overhaul announcement


The Federal Government has taken a major step towards creating a national broadband network that would connect all Australians with faster and cheaper fibre connections.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) today announced the rollout of a national broadband network, dubbed The Fibre to the Node program.

Chief executive Rod Sims says the program will provide internet connections by 2016 to all Australians, a target set by Prime Minister Tony Abbott in November.

He says the government is „fully committed“ to providing the faster and more affordable connections.

Ms Sims says with a nationwide rollout, she hopes to reach at least 7.5 million premises by 2020.

The program will require that all premises with access to the NBN be connected to the national broadban퍼스트 카지노d network.

„Our commitment is really to provide connectivity to all Australians,“ Ms Sims said.

„We don’t want to see 울산출장안마the need for any particular node, because we don’t see people wanting to go off-grid.“

„We hope for a significant amount of the initial installations will also go to customers already on the system.

„We’re also committed to providing those customers with better and more reliable services through the network through higher-frequency services, as well as more fibre optic connections.“

To date, about half of the nation’s landlines are already on the network.

However, Mr Sims says t코인 카지노he expansion will be expanded to cover some other types of devices, such as laptops, tablets and phones.

„Our aim for the program is to make NBN Australia the leading broadband provider in Australia,“ he said.

„By the end of this funding cycle, all our premises will have access to broadband services that will be up to five times faster than the NBN which will offer customers the benefits of all-digital and on-demand connectivity.“

Mr Sims says about a third of the country’s premises have access to the same level of data speeds, with another third using some form of high-speed internet service, such as a fibre-to-the-home cable line.

On Monday, the Turnbull Government will announce the roll out of its plan to improve national broadband by about 50 per cent over the next five years.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says it will mean more people are connected at home and in their community.

„Australia is home to approximately 10.1 million people, more than any other country in the world, and that includes people connected to th

Intelligence office rejects wilkies bali claims

Intelligence office rejects wilkies bali claims

The Intelligence Bureau (IB) has rejected the claims of two intelligence and security agencies about the existence of secret al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan.

The IB chief also denied the agency was involved in the fake documents, which were submitted for the Cabinet by a member of one of the intelligence agencies, sources in the IB said, adding that the material had been checked and proved to be fake.

It was the latest salvo in an escalating conflict between the IB and security agencies, the two parties to Pakistan’s sprawling counter-terrorism operation, which is backed by the Pakistan military.

An IB official said the two agencies shared information about these camps „so that we can inform the country as soon as possible, about the training camps“. But he said the agency did not work with the IB nor „any member of the intelligence“ to provide any material for this purpo룰렛se.

The intelligence agencies had told the IB in early 로투스 홀짝Septemb서산출장마사지 서산안마er, according to IB sources, about such facilities in Pakistan and they were trying to set up camps in Punjab, Waziristan and Ghazni.

Belli claims could have repercussions as they may harm the ISI’s efforts to „fight terrorism in a way that does not target the core“, the IB chief said.

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Architect questions footbridge plan Copyright by WANE – All rights reserved Video

Architect questions footbridge plan Copyright by WANE – All rights reserved Video

By WANE Staff – DALLAS (WANE) — Two feet of sidewalk in the area of Dallard, between N. High Street and the Loop 1604 Overpass, will be blocked on Tuesday at 11 a.m. Monday.

Th우리 카지노is is scheduled for the beginning of fall work.


The city said construction on the bridge is expected to begin in the late spring or early summer. The city has worked with architects, designers, landscape architects, contractors and consultants to develop a design and an estimate for street width and pedestrian crossing capacity along the project route.

The city has offered to cover a portion of the $24 million cost with federal dollars, but they say it would come from private investors. The U.S. Federal Highway Administration also offered to finance the project.

„Once we have funded some design of the design, we’re just putting them on hold, and they are taking us to market,“ said city spokesman Matt Devereaux. „The city does not have a financial stake in building this new trail in Dallard.“

Once the pedestrian safety issues are addressed and the bridge is in place, the city hopes to begin construction in the fall.

„We have done our due diligence and I am confident we will get the trail that everyone is looking for, 온라인 슬롯 머신 사이트one of Dallard’s signature trails,“ said Devereaux. „And that will be along the existing underpass at N. High and Loop 1604 in the North Loop.“

„We’re excited about this,“ said local resident Kelly Koster, whose family owns a flower shop next door to the park, „This is the start of something t넷마블 포커hat people have been waiting for and it’s coming.“

For those wondering what that means, it means the city would be installing four new street lights with red and blue, a park-opening sign in the intersection of Dallard and High, a new, LED-lit traffic signal at N. High Street and the new pedestrian crossing from northbound S. High to southbound Dallard. The pedestrian crossing between the high and southbound bridges, known as the „high crossing,“ is being removed.

The project will cost about $22 million.

Push to pass nationality law in israel in less than a month

Push to pass nationality law in israel in less than a month.“ (Riyad Hayyan, The Jerusalem Post)

The Zionist-run Knesset, led by MK Nachman Shai (Likud), will begin the legislative process on Monday and the majority of its members, including the MKs and Yisrael Beiteinu legislators, are likely to vote for the bill, according to sources in the Knesset.

The legislation was crafted by the Law and Justice and the centrist party Beiteinu, and it would amend the citizenship law, allo오바마카지노wing for the granting of Palestinian nationality on humanitarian grounds, as well as citizenship in a third state including the Palestinian territories.

The legislation is similar to one approved by the United Nations Commission on the Status of Refugees earlier this month and could pass the Knesset in the coming days as it was drafted by the Law and Justice coalition. The강원출장마사지 Law and Justice-led Knesset is also expected to pass similar legislatio블랙 잭n this year, according to the sources in the Knesset and in the government.

Under this legislation, any citizen who would like to receive a humanitarian passport would first receive a green card, which would then become the basis of his Israeli citizenship, and, finally, to apply for a Palestinian passport would also have to obtain the appropriate visa before the Israeli Passport Authority would issue it.

„This is the latest step in moving towards citizenship, as well as citizenship for future citizens and for citizens of third countries,“ said MK Avigdor Liberman (Likud). The Law and Justice-led Knesset, he added, would „begin the work of establishing citizenship for all people, and then work on extending to other parts of the population citizenship by another name.“

Speaking at the Yesh Din event in the West Bank, MK Yair Lapid, an opposition leader and a member of the center-left Knesset, suggested that the Israeli government should consider the possibility of extending to the whole of the country Palestinian citizenship, and said that the government should „not just say yes,“ but „make sure the citizenship is not of Israeli origin, it has to be of national origin, but the nationality has to be national. Citizenship for all, for all“

Lapid also called for extending national service to people with Israeli citizenship.

MKs voted against an initiative on allowing citizens to have citizenship on humanitarian grounds in 2010 but received an additional five-seat majority to pass the bill by a two-third

Iraqi us forces put squeeze on baghdad, which was under full control of al-Qaida in Iraq

Iraqi us forces put squeeze on baghdad, which was under full control of al-Qaida in Iraq.

I ask, how can we tell it was al-Qaida, not the other way round?

A commander I have seen and talked to in Mosul asked me, how did they capture this city that they have lost over the past 10 years from the air?

The last thing you can say for sure in Mosul is that you can control something as remote as this in 10 years. I asked myself, ‚can you control a city like that for a very long time‘?

‚The city is like an animal, is what it tells you.‘ – Lt Col Raza Kassisar, commander of the 6th Corps in Mosul. Photo: Twitter

The answer was an unequivocal no – we can’t control such a vast area within an army that loses 50 per cent of its fighters each year. But on the other hand, when the United States, Russia and the Iraqis talk about controlling areas like this, they can’t really do it. We can’t capture a city as remote and important as this from two countries who have lost so much and who are struggling to make ends meet.

What do we mean by such control? How do we tell if the Iraqi forces were actually doing the right thing, when only five or ten per cent of them took on such difficult terrain when we first entered in September? How do we make sense of that after four years in which the Iraqi forces have grown accustomed to controlling this.

카지노 사이트If you belie우리카지노ve US special forces, they were all very successful last October and are on a mission to make up for lost time and equipment.

Lt Col Raza Kassisar said: ‚The city is like an animal, is what it tells you. We try to capture it once in a while, because we know you will lose it. You can never control something that is not there yet.‘

On that note, we asked one Iraqi to tell us the story of how he managed to escape from ISIL, which was, by all 우리카지노accounts, the most brutal of all terrorist groups.

He said the enemy made him give him the Islamic State logo, which he didn’t know he was wearing.

‚I didn’t know any of my Iraqi family was there, so I was trying to hide out,‘ he said. ‚I had no idea I was being monitored or anything like that.‘

While ISIS was being driven out, Iraqi army commandos went looking for this

Act election spending figures show that the Tories lost just under a quarter of their total spend on the election campaign last year but a further 19% of their funding of all parliamentary parties

Act election spending figures show that the Tories lost just under a quarter of their total spend on the election campaign last year but a further 19% of their funding of all parliamentary parties.

Labour won just over 1.4더킹카지노 million votes, according to official statistics, while UKIP got just over 528,000.

This year the Conservatives have an overall 2% spending advantage but Labour has an advantage of just under 6%. This suggests it will take Labour to win more parliamentary seats in May.

The Conservatives, led by the outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron, will need to do more to win back the support of UKIP voters who are so strongly behind the Tories in their personal surveys.

The poll found that while 43% of UKIP voters support Theresa May’s Conservatives, 26% say that Mr Corbyn is the right choice to lead the party.

The share of UKIP voters who are „neutral on the politics“ in the UK has fallen from 47% to 39% in the past year, while a higher proportion of Conservative voters are willing to admit that the party has gone too far.

The results also suggest the Ukip Party will continue to have a strong showing in local government elections across the country.

It is predicted that UKIP will now gain just under 1% in the General Election campaign.

The report also reveals that the Scottish parties are expected to get their first MPs in the House of Commons in May, and an increased number of Ukip supporters will be getting their first seats in Scotland’s Westminster Parliament.

Meanwhile, an increased share of Ukip voters are considering voting Conservative in the upcoming May general election, with 41% of those who have gone Ukip say they더킹카지노 will vote Conservative this year.

The figures were reported in the daily Guardian/ICM poll of 1,020 people, from 18 to 27 May 2017, by ORB International pollster Margin of Error + 2% at 6.5%.

Shape Created with Sketch. The EU referendum: the deciders Show all 8 left Created with Sketch. right Created with Sketch. Shape Created with Sketch. The EU referendum: the deciders 1/8 European Union’s chi바카라ef Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier speaks to the media as he arrives at the Council of the European Union ahead of an EU Council meeting on April 29, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. The 27 members of the European Union will meet in Brussels for a special European Council meeting to discuss the continuing Brexit negotiation Getty 2/8 French President Emmanuel Macron (R) at the Elysee Palace, i