Lib mp defends brighton barracks sale from council over sale of homes

Lib mp defends brighton barracks sale from council over sale of homes

By Simon Jenkins

21 August 2016

Brighton Council has defended a controversial sale of hundreds of homes in the city for £400 million over the next 40 years.

An internal analysis last year revealed the council had failed to consider the potential environmental and social impacts of the sale of over 2,000 residential flats in the city’s affluent Notting Hill area, just 12 miles south of London.

The report, by the housing specialist Econsult and Greenhouse Gas Strategy group, found the sale of the homes was in line with plans to clear the remaining homes remaining in the East End.

As a result, the borough council is currently reviewing the sale of the homes in order to remove „contributory land“ to the planned „London Bridge transformation,“ according to an article published by the Guardian on Thursday.

The move follows a consultation that saw over 350 people participate, with a majority (54 percent) calling for the sale of all or part of the East End.

Citing „new findings“ from the report, Council Deputy Leader John Tressell told the paper, „we are in a position to ensure that all of the flats in the borough are sold to benefit local communities and the economic and social development of Brighton and Hove.“

He added, „We are therefore planning to offer an ongoing commitment to market and protect future supply so that we are never forced to sell these homes.“

Residents of the East End are deeply concerned by what they feel is an unfair and unaccepted offer from the council, which they feel is part of a broader strategy to sell the city’s large estates, including flats and properties of the type bought in the east end, as part of the „London Bridge“ process.

On Tuesday, the Independent Residents‘ A바카라ssociation (IRA) voted overwhelmingly to oppose the sale of nearly 800 homes in the East End and support a public더킹카지노 consultation as a matter of urgency, leading to concerns about the „overwhelming lack of consultation on this development.“

In a letter sent to the Council yesterday, it was highlighted that the council currently plans to sell nearly 80 homes at a cost of £1.8 billion for redevelopment and development of housing in and around the west end, and is now discussing whether to sell another 500 homes in the area.

The deci예스카지노sion to sell will mean the area will be cut in half.

While Brighton council has been under pressure to consider selling the homes as part o

Opposition call for crackdown on taxpayer funded schools was ignored in last week’s election

Opposition call for crackdown on taxpayer funded schools was ignored in last week’s election

Educ우리카지노ation Secretary David Plouffe says the Tories will not be making any „dramatic changes“ to education in the short term.

„They are going to have to wait until the end of this session to see what the changes that they want to make to their school funding are,“ Plouffe said.

Plouffe’s comments come amid calls for more stringent regulations on taxpayer funded schools i카지노 사이트n the wake of an increasing number of high profile case studies in recent years that show taxpayer funding is having an impact on students in failing public schools.

„It’s really not that surprising,“ Plouffe said. „One of the big questions we will be asking as we examine what we need to do is do some sort of evaluation of our current model of school funding. Because if we get the wrong approach and continue to give a massive subsidy, we are going to have massive amounts of students in some of the worst schools in Canada.“

Plouffe also says the Tories won’t be making any „dramatic changes“ to education in the long run, 더킹카지노adding that there will be „great flexibility“ with regard to how to fund schools.

„One of the things I think is exciting about this process is that we are not putting ourselves in an position that will allow us to do a complete radical overhaul of the way we run our educational system,“ he said.

Philippines troops find dozens dead as warawi siege ends

Philippines troops find dozens dead as warawi siege ends

By Marlon Chia /

BELU/LAGO, Philippines – Ph예스카지노ilippine troops have taken part in a three-day ground invasion of an ISIS stronghold in the central province of Basilan in southern Davao del Norte.

Fighters in the 5th Brigade and two other units entered the camp of an estimated 10,000 ISIS militants early Tuesday morning after a six-hour siege by the terrorists, who have occupied the facility in the hills of Moron.

The soldiers seized the camp after they conducted their first combat operation at the location. About 150 fighters were killed during the firefight.

Among them, two gunmen are believed to be from ISIS and eight Filipino militiamen.

Duterte, a close friend of the A우리카지노bu Sayyaf (Jemaah Islamiyah) terrorist group who is said to be seeking to establish a radical Islamic state in the Philippines, has been pushing to capture all the southern parts of Mindanao.

Philippines President Rodrigo Dute우리카지노rte. Photo: EPA

He has been moving soldiers, artillery units and troops of the Philippine army in the war against Abu Sayyaf since July.

„We are going to end the siege as soon as possible. The military is very confident, but there are a lot of soldiers involved in this,“ an army source said.

The base’s residents are reportedly safe, according to Duterte, and there have been no reports of casualties among the armed forces.

„There are a lot of soldiers who went into the compound, and we’re ready to finish the battle,“ Duterte said, adding he hoped to liberate as many as 100 ISIS militants.

He also ordered security forces to keep an eye on the people’s homes, according to AFP.

Duterte’s military said that a joint operation with an army special forces unit called the Davao Delta Force had been ordered to liberate the group from the site.

„We were looking for the place to launch a raid, but that failed for reasons that are still under investigation. So we were going to launch the operation through an operation by the Philippine Army Special Operations Command and the local intelligence,“ said a Philippine military source quoted by Philippine Star newspaper.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. Photo: AP

The Philippine armed forces have been battling an Islamic insurgent group since March this year that has seized several border towns in the south and a city on the outskirts of the southern Philippines.