Granville scores hat trick as cowboys beat warriors

Granville scores hat trick as cowboys beat warriors

Granville scored twice and tied it as the Cowboys downed the Kootenays 7-1 to earn a win over the Warriors in the first edition of the annual Canadian-Kootenay derby.

The Cowboys defeated the Kootenays, 6-3, at the CAA Indoor football stadium Wednesday.

Granville, who led the league by scoring 23 goals, became the first Canadian to score 100 in the derby. He also became only the eighth player in Canadian amateur hockey history to tally 50 or more goals, with a career-best 41 goals in 2012-13.

Bert Fong of the Warriors tallied both goals as the Cowboys defeated the Kings 1-0.

Granville scored the first of his hat tricks at 7:03 of the first quarter and the game-winner at 7:48 of the third.

The cowboys (28-28-5) led 1-0 when Granville and fellow forwards Kari Korhonen and Alex Biega fired home goals in just over 12 minutes.

The Kootenays (23-22-2) took the lead for good at 7:20 when Kris Bemelmans shot into the bottom corner from 30 feet out. Bemelmans a바카라dded two more goals on the next two goals, and the Kings went on to break up the tie with five seconds remaining in the period.

Beverley Mertens of the Kootenays, who posted a.949 save percentage as coach of the team, was forced to make 36 saves for Canada to stay in the game.

The Cowboys, however, rallied on four occasions, and tied the game at 7:42 of the third when Granville scored his third goal of the night after the Wa더킹카지노rriors had opened the scoring at 2:46 of the second.

Bemelmans stopped 12 of 13 shots while keeping Canada’s lead alive at 8:19 after he made 36 saves to deny two goals as he led Canada to a 2-1 win on Friday.

The cowboys now need to sweep the Koote바카라사이트nays at the Saskatoon Star Centre in their final three regular-season games before moving on to play a home-and-away series against the Western Hockey League champion Kelowna Rockets.

Kelowna Rockets goaltender Ryan Ellis, who led Kelowna to an AHA playoff championship in 2014, made 35 saves in his ninth caree

Samantha fraser murder committal hearing for adrian basham, ex-stafford detective officer who killed 19-year-old Samantha Fraser

Samantha fraser murder committal hearing for adrian basham, ex-stafford detective officer who killed 19-year-old Samantha Fraser

JEREMY GRIFFIN, PRESENTER: The Adelaide Advertiser reports there was talk of changing the date of Samantha Fraser’s murder trial to 20 August in a bid to spare her the stigma of a hung jury.

(Footage from ABC TV report of 17 November 2014)

AAPT NEWS ACT: Police officers and forensic pathologist’s chief forensic officer examine the scene of Samantha Fraser’s murder in her car.

(Footage from ABC TV report of 19 April 2015)

JEREMY GRIFFIN, PRESENTER: The Adelaide Advertiser has learned the prosecution wants the date to be changed to 20 August.

This is because Samantha Fraser’s murder trial, which began last month has been repeatedly delayed over several years because of police questions over how her case was handled by Adderall.

JEN KIRBY, PRESENTER: The hearing has taken place last week, and the next day Detective Superintendent Paul Kelly called in his chief forensic officer, who바카라 also heads up the forensic science unit.

There was an unusual aspect to this hearing. Samantha’s lawyer told the court the police gave the police an unproven claim that there was „no evidence that she committed suicide“.

GRAHAM ROWERS, PRODUCER: In order to get a conviction, there is a fair amount of evidence in the case. Some of it is circumstantial. I could not just give you a piece of evidence that just says that.

JEN KIRBY: There are a lot of things, a lot of circumstantial, which go up against that.

GRAHAM ROWERS: It has been a week since Samantha Fraser’s murder. Samantha Fraser’s family have sat outside a police station in South Australia. The court has ordered the police to provide the details of any forensic evidence they have collected to assist in the proceedings.

The police say they hope to produce evidence in the next fortnight.

KIRBY: Just to help with 예스카지노the fact that they had to give a request, just to help them understand where the evidence is going.

(Footage from ABC News documentary, „A Crime Not Solved“)

AUSTRALIAN AUSTRALIAN: If you ever needed to reach 카지노 사이트out to your loved ones –

(Footage fro