Council green lights house on future mining land

Council green lights house on future mining land

A local landowner has expressed his support for a controversial uranium mining facility, a decision he said has the potential to alter the landscape of West Yambia.

Pamul Konya told the Daily Nation that he was in favour of the proposed Haldane mine and that he had received assurances from the government that the proposal would only include local communities.

He said the mine would need a wide range of local approval and the approval would have to be from local people.

„We have been told from both local communities and the government that this will be local only. I have received assurances from both the local communities in and around the village (at Wibar) and the minister of environment and resources and I will look into their assurance given that I have made a request to do this myself,“ Mr Konya said.

However, he conceded there was still a debate going on in the community.

He said the mining has a huge impact on local ecosystems.

„As it gets deeper, it’s going to be even more devastating on the locals. You will see them leave the village. There is a whole town that is going to be left, a very large area, and the village itself will just be affected,“ Mr Konya said.

He told the Daily Nation that he could also be affected when he goes out on the field with his men.

„If we have an incident where we are standing next to an area that is in jeopardy or threatened by mining, there will be problems with the area,“ Mr Konya said.

Konya is already facing legal action for his comments.

Earlier, Yolani and Wibar residents on Tuesday demanded to know why they had not been consulted바카라 before deciding to support the proposed mining site.

Local environment minister Sibylle Eryani told the daily paper on Monday that environmental concerns had not been raised with local communities before moving ahead with the development.

Howe우리카지노ver, on Wednesday Yolani resident Hina Binti was shocked by the development, saying her community had already been consulted and was happy for the proposed site to go ahead.

Wibar resident Zuara Kato, another Yolani resident, called the mine a „big problem“ in her community.

Both communities said they could see local communities that want the same mining project as the one propos우리카지노ed by South Africa, where the cost is around $2billion.