Hundreds protest against alleged electoral fraud in the town of Sousse, March 5

Hundreds protest against alleged electoral fraud in the town of Sousse, March 5.

Somalia’s Interior Ministry has opened an investigation into election fraud allegations after a man reportedly committed voter fraud in the southern city of Togo.

„We know that this man may have been part of a campaign for the election of president that is intended to change the results of the election,“ a spokesman told AFP on Saturday.

No arrests have been made, though Togo has said it is investigating the allegations and has called on the world community to ensure it stands up for democracy.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has promised to hold elections soon but the United Nations has warned the vote should be free and fair.

The new elections may prove to be pivotal give바카라n the unce더킹카지노rtainty over the fate of Mohamed Mohamud, the former vice president of the African Union’s peacekeeping force and a friend of Mr Mohamud.

On Thursday, Mr Farmajo was suspended in what appeared to be a coup attempt, his spokesman, Mohamed Ali Saqat, told Reuters.

The move is seen as part of a new military intervention to help oust a coalition government after the ousting of the democratically elected president Mohamed Mohamud, who was sworn in in December 2013.

Security forces are reportedly searching homes in the capital, Mogadishu, with a man 카지노 사이트believed to be a candidate for the leadership, according to local media.

A statement released by Somali security sources on Saturday said the security operation had been disrupted.