Telstras job cuts plan worries workers at plant, says manager

Telstras job cuts plan worries workers at pla바카라사이트nt, says manager

He added: „We’re still dealing with some major challenges.“

He said the company was also looking at ways to increase efficiency, such as cutting costs by using more automated controls, but the impact would be temporary.

He called on anyone with more information to contact the firm.

Fiat Chrysler said it was making progress towards its target of having a new 4.2m car a week on the road by 2022, with a target for a new 2.0m vehicle a week by then.

But the Japanese firm said a total of 23,000 jobs in the UK and the EU could be lost as a result.

But it said those losses would be offset by a further 20,000 jobs더킹카지노 in jobs in the rest of the EU, which is being pro바카라tected by EU sanctions.