Parachutist puts faith in da vinci design

Parachutist puts faith in da vinci design

Faced with the problems faced by some traditional artisans, one Spanish artist decided to look into the art of the real thing. And it works.

In his latest piece, „Sculpting a Stone“, artist Pablo Aranda says that traditional stone casting, a practice dating back to the Roman Empire, is a great way to ensure that one’s stone will look beautiful. The project, which is the culmination of many years of work, takes the viewer behind-the-scenes of how he sculpts stone into the world of his works.

Art and nature intertwined

He started by looking바카라사이트 at how traditional stone casting works. One of his colleagues, an artist by the name Juan Alberto, discovered an incredible and unique piece of stone that had been successfully carved by a craftsman. The piece was carved by placing a piece of steel onto a piece of clay, then using a hammer to break it into several pieces. The steel then is poured into a vat, where it is바카라 poured over the stone.

The stone is then carefully dried, which helps prevent it from becoming brittle, and it is finally pressed into shape. The process takes around six days, but Aranda says that the process is remarkably painless.

The process is only made possible thanks to the skill of his colleague, who spent many hours on the project. Aranda says that the process takes between 60 and 70 hours of work, and he says that the resulting stone will look more beautiful as he adds layers to each piece. „It’s not the best looking piece, but it’s perfect.“

더킹카지노Aranda’s work can be seen here and his website.

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