Nt massacre mourned 75 years on

Nt massacre mourned 75 years on

In the final moments of her life, she told the survivors she had decided it would be „too sad“ to remain behind and went on to write in her diary: „Now I cannot continue to live.“

Ms Kaleva survived and was reported missing to the authorities in December 1946.

She was discovered on 10 Dece카지노 사이트mber and buried in a concrete slab beside the site of the first bombing in the city.

Image copyright AFP Image caption One of the victims was identified only by the code that they wore

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Survivors of the bombing said the woman was wearing the ‚V‘ of the S

She was buried with all her clothes and belongings, including a watch and a watch ring.

A local cemetery where the first bomb was exploded will be opened at a ceremony to mark the day this week.

The second bomb was dropped on 2 December, killing 85 people.

The survivors of the first and second bombings were identified by the distinctive code they wore.

„The bomb was loaded with the liquid poison, the poison itself was a poison, the victim was already dead by the time the bomb was dropped,“ said Anja Siedläufer of Kaleva National Cemetery.

But Siedläufer stressed that it wasn’t the woman’s body that caused the death and the survivor, who was just nine years old at 더킹카지노the time of the second explosion, only fell dead from a broken neck.

Kaleva mayor and town hall member Martin Ritter had criticised the timing of unveiling gospelhitzthe gravestone.

„That was the first day of the celebration and this is the first day for her to finally be laid to rest,“ he told Dezeen.

He said that the city would continue to work with the people of Kaleva after the announcement and that it „is a lesson to all the countries of the world to consider their actions and try to avoid using civilians in any way“.

A public commemoration in honour of Mrs Kaleva will take place on 21 January.

In a statement, the SIPO told BBC News: „Kaleva is deeply moved by the loss of a woman who has been taken from us only for our sake of her love for us, and we share the grief of the whole world.