Tas economy will survive without mill premier

Tas economy will survive without mill premier. We will not have a strong regional economy to run on for many years to come,“ Mr Pascoe warne성남안마d.

„I am confident if we continue with this policy it will continue indefinitely.

„It is time to put people first and our economy should not be dependent on one-off increases in the value of the RDT at the expense of others.“

Tasmania has been hit harder than many other states by the rise in the RDT.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has promised measures to help make up the cash.

Mr Pascoe acknowledged the budget woul슬롯 머신d be more expensive and the Government had to increase welfare spending.

„We cannot expect to grow our economy while being dependent on one dollar increase in the value of the RDT,“ Mr Pascoe said.

„The Treasurer has set a minimum target, but it has a long way to go.“

But he said the Opposition had a choice between raising taxes or putting people first.

„We can’t keep repeating a number of mistakes we’ve made at the last election,“ he said.

„We must have a strategy that is effective, sustainable and sustainable.

„That is why every time we do that, I am confident the Tasmanian economy will survive without a strong regional economy for many years to come.“

„Tasmanians can choose between two options – one is spending less money or one is doing something better – and we need a plan that does both,“ he said.

Ms Palaszczuk said the budget focused on investing in public transport, energy and education but not on the RDT.

„This time we have had a budget for the future, we have made the decision to do so and we can only do that if we start thinking seriously about the future,“ she said.

Ms Palaszczuk said a decision on w모나코 카지노hether to run a surplus or not would be decided by Tasmania’s future growth, job market, productivity and economic well-being.

„It’s time to get serious about the future and for that, we’re starting by thinking seriously about the future of our people and the Tasmanian economy.

„This government is doing the only thing that matters in the longer term is to do what is right for our people and to rebuild our economy and strengthen our social and economic foundation,“ Ms Palaszczuk said.

„That is why we are investing in publi