Number of suspected sars cases has fallen officials said to be as low as 20 a month, or more than 1 percent of reported cases

Number of suspected sars cases has fallen officials said to be as low as 20 a month, or more than 1 percent of reported cases.

„We are in the final stages of investigating every possible link. We believe these cases are being linked to two groups: gangs and drugs,“ said A.Y.S.I. president, Mohd. Amin Al-Zubaidi, speaking at the conclusion of an annual seminar on drug control on July 6.

He said that it was time to take a stand against drugs and to „cleanse“ the city of „mafia, drug trafficking and terrorists.“

Police chief Ustadh Mohsen Ali said a team of officials had been formed to look into the „vast majority“ of cases of suspected illegal drugs.

He said the team had conducted a number of interviews in dnatyasastra.comifferent parts of the city and found that all the accused were working in the private sector.

Police spokesman Qamar Shahidi, however, questioned the motives of some of the accused, saying they might have come from other sections of the city where they had previously been working for the government.

Police officials said the number of cases had been down slightly in recent months as the police intensified their activities against the organized crime group.

The official said that police had uncovered numerous instances in which cases had been dismissed or taken away because of an inability to prove the accused had committed any offence. He said more than one million kilograms of drugs, cocaine, cannabis and cannabis products have been seized since January 1, 2015, according to the data.

Al-Zubaidi said that while they have had to take certain measures to protect people from the gangs, the police were always mindful of their protection of civilians.

„All drugs are dangerous. We had to remove a lot of them that thnatyasastra.come gangs used to operate. In the past, they would kill families, sell their members to other gangs and steal their weapons in order to finance their activities. But we have done everything as required for the pro바카라tection of citizens and the peace in the city,“ the spokesman said.

He cited the case of Ali Yatim, a 27-year-old Afghan born in 2001, whose family was killed by a rival gang after refusing a deal where he was handed a large amount of money.

Ali had been employed as an employee in construction at a small bank that he owned in Shifa. During Ramadan the gang killed him and his girlfriend, while other members, his brother and a cousin, stole th