Education expert questions australian school system indigenous students say they are facing discrimination

Education expert questions australian school system indigenous students say they are facing discrimination


The Australian education sysjarvees.comtem faces „extreme challenges“ following the closure of a school where indigenous Australians say they are facing discrimination, a senior independent education expert says.

The independent education expert, David Sullins, from independent Australian Education Association of Queensland, said the closure of the school in Brisbane’s Cavan South me더킹카지노ant that indigenous students were the „only people in education who were not going to survive“.

The school had housed at least 1,500 indigenous children since it opened in 1989.

„To see that this is a primary school, you think of it as a school for children of low socio-economic background, kids who are likely to end up in this school because they are not prepared to leave their home,“ Mr Sullins said.

„We now have to work with them on all leve바카라사이트ls – teachers, parents and community.

„If you have children that are learning to read, they are also learning to write. To have children who aren’t going to stay where they are, they cannot go further, because there are more people here to take their place.“

‚Unnecessary and unfair treatment‘: federal review of indigenous education

Mr Sullins said the closure of the school in Cavan would have a detrimental impact on indigenous Australians but said that it was not enough for the federal government to look into the issue.

„I think what we need to look at is how these children are being treated, and whether there’s a need for remedial education of the schools,“ he said.

„We have the problem of Indigenous education that is underfunded, understaffed and overstaffed.

„I’ve known some families who have lost children, but I’ve always said they’re just a few people away from losing one or two or three other children if this goes on.“

The Cavan South School was placed into receivership by Education Minister Chris Bowen in 2016.

Last year, Mr Bowen confirmed the school would be closed down by June 2018 due to financial concerns.

„The government of Queensland has a responsibility as a teacher-led Commonwealth government to ensure this school is in a position to continue to provide a positive and successful education for students,“ Mr Bowen said in a statement in September.

The federal Government of Queensland has not commented on the closure.

The Queensland government’s director of education, Michael Keohane, said the closure of the school was not unusua