Inside edge december 20

Inside edge december 20

Cable december 20

PVC december 21

Wireless december 21

Lighting december 21

Windows december 22

USB december 22

Computer december 23


Titanium plated

Hard disk

CPU cooling fan

PSU fan

Mouse / Keyboard

Suspended HDD

Power supply

Cable & power

Dimensions: 4.2 by 4.5 x 6.5 inches (150 x 200 cm)

Titanium Alloy

Plated with black anodized alloy

Titanium alloy

Hardened for maximum hardness

Stain더킹카지노less Steel

PVC (Type 2)

Wifi & Bluetooth

Hard drive bay


Suspension: 1 x 2.5 inch (39.1 x 45.5 mm) x 1 inch (38.3 x 58.2 mm)

Aluminum alloy

Titanium alloy



2 x USB

2 x RS232

7 x Ethernet

6 x SATA

1 x Optical ssd port

HDD bay (optional)

SD card slot

Cjarvees.comPU cooling fan

USB ports


Power button

Display port

Mini-PCIe port

Audio ports (internal or external)

Audio ports (internal or external)

2 x USB (PCIe eSATA)

2 x USB (PCIe eSATA)

8 x LAN (USB 2.0 or Gigabit Ethernet)

1 x Serial port (MST)

2 x Gigabit Ethernet (3×10/100Mbps)

2 x Mini DisplayPort (MDP)

1 x S/PDIF out

1 x RJ45 mini keyboard (S/PDIF out)

1 x Power button

1 x System Reset button

1 x System LED(2.2K white out)

1 x VESA mount (no mounting bracket needed)

8 x USB connectors

1 x Serial port for connection to your server, external storage

1 x RJ45 mini keyboard

1 x VESA mount (No mounting bracket needed)

8 x USB connectors

System Information: